Here you will find the well-known coat-friendly, exclusive and tailor-made collars, which are not only convenient to use, but where the safety of your dog is paramount.

I only work with the safe and simple half-sludge closure. You only have to slide these collars over the head and are closed by fastening the leash, so that the fur does not get caught between them.

Correct measurement of the sizes is necessary for this.

You will find a clear picture below how you can do this.

Please note, please measure immediately.

You will also find examples of collars that have already been made, but the possibilities are almost unlimited.

If you need advice on this or help with the composition of the collar that is perfectly designed for your taste, send me a message.

For the correct measurement of the collar you must measure at 3 points.

Below you can see which 3 points these are.

Opmeten Halsband

Point 1: Highest point on the head
Point 2: Narrowest part just behind the ears
Point 3: Neck size

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All our collars are custom made.

Because of this we do not have a fixed price.

This all depends on your wishes.

Prices start at €25,-

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