Various grooming treatments are available, depending on the breed and coat type of your dog. The options are described below.

Cut and shave

The coat is modeled with scissors and clippers as determined by the breed standard for the breed.

Here the dogs are washed and blow-dried, the ears and nails are also taken care of.


Dogs must be brought free of parasites, should fleas be present, it depends on the amount of these whether your dog is further treated or picked up.

For further treatment an additional cost of 20 € will be charged.

Please walk your dog well before visiting my grooming salon.

So that he or she can undergo the treatment in a relaxed manner.

Price list per 1-1-2024


Removing the top dead coat leaving the undercoat in top condition.
Washing before and after the treatment is not possible to prevent skin infections.


Removing the excess old undercoat by means of the wash / blow method. I would like to give you more information about this when you visit my salon.


The coat is thinned and shortened.


If possible, tangles are removed from the coat with the best products.
However, if the dog has too much tangles, these are removed by shaving the coat so that the dog does not have to suffer unnecessary pain.

  • Small breed cut coats
  • such as Maltese, Yorkshire, Shih tzu. Boomers.
  • From: 65
  • Poodles
  • Model clip
  • From: 75
  • Medium breeds
  • Clipping furs
  • From: 85
  • Unwollen
  • Eg Border Collie
  • From: 90
  • Remove tangles
  • An additional cost is added when removing tangles
  • 15 for 10 min.
  • Pick breeds
  • Dachshunds and crosses of this size
  • From: 75
  • Pick breeds
  • Westie, Cairn terrier
  • From: 82.50
  • Other breeds
  • All other breed in consultation.
  • 48 per hour